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Medicaid Expansion

Virginia expanded Medicaid eligibility in January 2019 with the goal of increasing equitable access to health insurance and health services across the Commonwealth. Medicaid Expansion has been a huge success in providing coverage to nearly 500,000 Virginians every month. This dashboard includes information on the total member enrollment of Medicaid Expansion and enrollment changes over time for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Click on the button below the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services logo on the side panel for more information about Medicaid Expansion.

Usability and Accessibility: Use the navigation buttons at the top of the page to access the dashboard and information for each topic area. The dashboards include text captions for charts and tables that are accessible to screen readers. For each chart or table, you can also access the underlying data by clicking on the link(s) in the Data and Documentation section. For more information on metric definitions, data sources, and data notes, see the collapsible sections below each dashboard.

Data and Documentation

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Data Time Period

Percentage of Virginians With Unmet Primary Care Need Before Medicaid Expansion

Percentage of Virginians with unmet primary medical care prior to the January 2019 Medicaid Expansion effort taking effect, as reported by Department of Medical Assistance Services. To see more information about this report, see the source link to the right.

DMAS 2021 Medicaid at a Glance Report

February 2021

Overall Medicaid Expansion Enrollment

Total number of members enrolled in the Medicaid Expansion Program at the time of the specified time period.

DMAS Dashboards

January 2020 to August 2021

Change in Medicaid Expansion Enrollment

Change in overall membership enrollment from the previous month to the current month.

DMAS Dashboards

January 2020 to  August 2021



Some localities may experience a decrease in enrollment from month to month, colored in orange in the Enrollment by Locality map and table

A negative change in enrollment denotes localities where overall enrollment decreased in the most recent month, relative to the prior month. This may occur when individuals drop out of the program due to finding alternative coverage or losing eligibility.

Enrollment by Locality figures display enrollment for the most recent month

The Enrollment by Locality map represents a snapshot of enrollment by Virginia locality (city or county) for the most recent month. Selecting “Overall Enrollment” in the dropdown will show the total number of current Medicaid Expansion members in the most recent month. Selecting “Change in Enrollment” will show the change in Medicaid Expansion membership in the most recent month, relative to the prior month.

Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services

Equity at a Glance Dashboard

The Equity at a Glance Dashboard provides a data-driven snapshot of Virginia’s standing across six social determinants of health indicators. The dashboard celebrates Virginia’s leadership in equity and serves as a call to action for leaders to continue closing health equity gaps across the Commonwealth.

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