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Executive Directive Number Eleven (2020)

Continuing the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign: Employee Workplace Giving and Volunteerism

Importance of the Initiative

The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) is an annual charitable giving campaign created in 1997 under the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) to promote a culture of caring and giving within the Commonwealth of Virginia. The CVC assists the Commonwealth’s employees in their charitable giving by providing a single vehicle for charitable contributions that minimizes workplace disruptions and maximizes charitable contributions. Since its inception, employees of the Commonwealth have given over $50 million, including $2.2 million in 2019.

In 2010, Governor McDonnell recognized the CVC as an annual campaign and created the Advisory Council in Executive Order 26 (2010). Recognizing the importance of charitable giving by state employees, Governor McAuliffe continued the CVC through Executive Order 27 (2014). In his Executive Order, Governor McAuliffe expanded the size of the Advisory Council and established Agency Coordinators to organize the CVC within each agency.

The success of the campaign in 2020 is vital due to the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, Virginians helping Virginians when they are able is important. The CVC’s newly-designed website makes it easy for state employees to support trusted local and global charities. The website contains everything employees need to support charities, including online pledges using ePledge.

I know that state employees stand ready at a moment’s notice to step up and help where needed and, with the support and guidance of Virginia’s leadership, can accomplish anything.

Directive to all State Agencies

By virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor under Article V of the Constitution of Virginia and under the laws of the Commonwealth, including but not limited to Sections 2.2-103A and 2.2-104 of the Code of Virginia and subject to my continuing and ultimate authority and responsibility to act in such matters, I hereby authorize all agencies of the Commonwealth to renew their efforts to continue the annual Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign as established in Executive Order 27 (2014) and supplemented by this Executive Directive.

Key Objectives

The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign will continue to provide a responsive and convenient system to facilitate charitable giving.

The goals of the campaign will be to:

  1. Ensure maintenance of a value-based Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign.
  2. Serve as a model for other state workplace giving campaigns.
  3. Enhance commitment from leadership across secretariats.
  4. Establish employee-supported annual campaign giving goals.
  5. Provide assistance to participating 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organizations in serving the needs within the Commonwealth.
  6. Facilitate an efficient and cost-effective vehicle by which state employees can voluntarily contribute to charities that align with their passion or cause.
  7. Recognize the need for transparency of the campaign by offering an online giving guide that increases employee knowledge about CVC and how employees can start their own campaigns.
  8. Ensure fiscal accountability
  9. Consolidate all fundraising solicitations into one campaign, and prohibit interruptions in the state workplace from outside fundraising.
  10. Encourage employees to volunteer their time and share their skills in support of their communities.

Role of the Advisory Council and Agency Coordinators

The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign will continue to be conducted annually in all state agencies through the participation and leadership of the CVC Advisory Council and the Agency CVC Coordinators: 

  1. The CVC Advisory Council (CVCAC) shall oversee, articulate, and review the general campaign’s annual goals and procedures and set the campaign’s strategic direction. The members shall serve as the “Ambassadors” of the campaign and provide governance to both the Virginia State Employee Assistance Fund and the Virginia State Employee Loan Program, and manage both programs. The committee’s members will continue to serve three-year terms and include one representative from each cabinet secretariat, the legislative branch, the judicial branch, seven regional representatives, and three state employees chosen at-large.
  2. Agency CVC Coordinators will continue to be appointed by the agency heads and serve as the “Ground-Level Advocates” tasked with organizing the campaign within their respective agencies. Agency CVC Coordinators shall continue to collaborate with the statewide campaign and serve as the point of contact for their agency. Agency CVC Coordinators will work closely with their agency heads in the planning of a successful campaign by coordinating special fundraising events, promoting peer-to-peer fundraising, monitoring their campaign’s progress, and reporting direct giving to achieve their agency’s goals. This role is critical to conducting a successful campaign.

The Director of DHRM shall continue to serve as the chairperson of the CVCAC and lead the development and implementation of the operating procedures for the campaign’s organization and administration.


Effective Date of the Executive Directive

This Executive Directive supplements Executive Order Number 27 (2014), issued by Governor Terrence R. McAuliffe. This Executive Directive shall be effective upon its signing and shall remain in full force and effect until rescinded or amended by further executive action.

Given under my hand and under the Seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia this 30th day of September, 2020.