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For Immediate Release: May 18, 2018
Contacts: Alenaa Yarmosky,

Governor Northam Vetoes Legislation Placing Unnecessary and Burdensome Requirements on Election Officials

RICHMOND—Governor Ralph Northam today vetoed Senate Bill 834, which would impose unnecessary and duplicative processes on local election officials and could potentially marginalize registered voters. The Governor’s full veto statement is below.

May 18, 2018

Pursuant to Article V, Section 6, of the Constitution of Virginia, I veto Senate Bill 834, which would require the Department of Elections to provide the general registrars with a list of registered voters who have been found to be registered to vote in another state.

The Department of Elections already tracks duplicate registrations across jurisdictional boundaries and provides that information to general registrars for processing. This legislation would create a separate and duplicative process requiring additional administrative work.

The bill is attempting to solve a problem that does not exist. The Department of Elections already works diligently to prevent duplicate voter registrations.  

I also have concerns about the potential disenfranchisement of voters resulting from this legislation. There is a risk of voters not receiving sufficient due process before their registrations are cancelled.

This legislation is unnecessary, duplicative and has the potential to disenfranchise registered voters.

Accordingly, I veto this bill.



Ralph S. Northam

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