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For Immediate Release: February 4, 2022
Contacts: Office of the Governor: Macaulay Porter,

ICYMI: Governor Glenn Youngkin Visits Grocery Store with Virginia Families to Discuss Lowering the Cost of Living

  • Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) trumpeted a plan Thursday to eliminate the state’s grocery tax at an appearance inside an Alexandria supermarket, promising to counter inflation by slashing what he called a “regressive” policy. “Today is about tackling the high costs in Virginia — the high costs I believe are unnecessarily borne by those that can afford it the least,” he said, speaking to a roundtable of Northern Virginia residents as they snacked on ham sandwiches and fruit.
  • Gov. Glenn Youngkin stopped by a Safeway grocery store to speak with families about the impacts of inflation on their grocery bills. Youngkin said he is taking a Virgina-first approach when it comes to cutting costs in grocery stores by re-examining how to support local farmers, reduce transportation costs for goods and create more jobs.
  • With only five more weeks left in Virginia’s legislative session, Va. Gov. Glenn Youngkin is pushing lawmakers in Richmond to eliminate the grocery tax. And he has some other ideas to get the cost of food down. The rising price of food is having a big impact on Virginian’s wallets.
  • Gov. Glenn Youngkin visited an Alexandria grocery store Thursday to discuss his proposal to eliminate Virginia's grocery tax. Groceries have a sales tax rate of 2.5 percent in Virginia, which includes a 1.5 percent state tax and 1 percent local option. During his campaign, Youngkin promised to eliminate the grocery tax in Virginia, which is one of 13 states that taxes groceries.
  • Gov. Glenn Youngkin stopped by the Safeway grocery store at Bradlee Shopping Center Thursday to talk about how inflation has affected the cost of groceries. Over the past year, the consumer price index hit 7%, the highest rate of increase since the early 1980s. Inflation has affected the price of everything from clothes to electronics to food.  
WATCH: Governor Glenn Younkin Pushes To Eliminate The Grocery Tax
WATCH: Governor Glenn Youngkin Discusses Eliminating The Grocery Tax With Virginia Families
WATCH: Governor Glenn Youngkin Meets With Families To Discuss Getting Rid Of The Grocery Tax
WATCH: Governor Glenn Youngkin Pushes To End The Grocery Tax

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