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230th Birthday of the United States Coast Guard


WHEREAS, on August 4, 1790, the Revenue Marine – the preceding form of the United States Coast Guard – was created by the newly-formed United States Congress to prevent smuggling and enforce federal tariff and trade laws; and

WHEREAS, in 1915, the Revenue Cutter Service – the successor of the Revenue Marine –  merged with the United States Life-Saving Service by congressional action, thus forming the modern U.S. Coast Guard; and

WHEREAS, with a fleet of more than 100 boats and 15 cutters in the Commonwealth, the U.S. Coast Guard prevents crime, facilitates commerce, and conducts rescue missions; and

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth is proud to be home to nearly 6,000 personnel, active duty Coast Guard, Reservists, civil servants, and their family members at six stations and two major installations; and

WHEREAS, the U.S. Coast Guard is an important presence in the local, regional, national, and global community, and today we recognize those who sacrifice to keep our country safe; and

WHEREAS, we honor those who serve in the U.S. Coast Guard, a unique branch of the military that serves as a maritime law enforcement agency and a federal regulatory agency;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Ralph S. Northam, do hereby recognize August 4, 2020, as the 230th BIRTHDAY OF THE UNITED STATES COAST GUARD in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens.