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Family Involvement in Education Month


WHEREAS, parents and families are instrumental in helping children reach their full potential; and

WHEREAS, parents and families monitor homework, participate in school events, are active members of school groups, and support the work of teachers, administrators, and all school personnel; and 

WHEREAS, when parents and families are actively involved in their child's school, outcomes for all students improve; and

WHEREAS, parent and family involvement must be recognized as critical components of education; and

WHEREAS, a strong partnership between educators and families is necessary for our children to achieve success in school, become productive citizens, and contribute to our communities and society; and

WHEREAS, the Virginia Department of Education in collaboration with the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center, Center for Family Involvement at Virginia Commonwealth University, and the Family Engagement Network are committed to helping families, schools, and communities work together to build better futures for all children; and

WHEREAS, Family Involvement in Education Month is an opportunity to recognize the important relationship between families and education institutions and the work being done throughout the Commonwealth to ensure that Virginians work together to build better futures for all children;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Ralph S. Northam, do hereby recognize November 2019 as FAMILY INVOLVEMENT IN EDUCATION MONTH in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens.