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National Computer Science Week


WHEREAS, computer science is one of Virginia’s highest growth industry sectors and a backbone of Virginia’s economy in all sectors and in all regions of the Commonwealth; and

WHEREAS, to build a workforce equipped to support our Digital Dominion, we must prepare citizens for the needs of an increasingly diverse business climate by giving them the skills and credentials that are needed in a high demand technology business; and

WHEREAS, since 2013, the first year Virginia held the nation’s first official Computer Science Education Week/Hour of Code statewide kickoff event, millions of people around the Commonwealth have participated each year in the Hour of Code; and

WHEREAS, Virginia is the first state in the nation to adopt computer science, computational thinking, and coding as essential literacies for all students; and

WHEREAS, this year’s Virginia Computer Science Education Week LAUNCH theme is Computer Science In Your Neighborhood, in recognition of the ubiquity of computer science driving our daily lives as residents of Virginia; and

WHEREAS, in every corner of the Commonwealth, people use computer science in their schools, in scientific research, in retail and commerce, in all sorts of industries from farming to cybersecurity and from advanced manufacturing to banking; and

WHEREAS, in order to show our Commonwealth’s commitment to Computer Science Education, students, classrooms, and schools are encouraged to participate in Computer Science Education Week LAUNCH by registering at and viewing the live stream on December 9, 2019, at; and

WHEREAS, December 9th marks the birthday of U.S. Navy Admiral Grace Hopper, another Virginia pioneer in the field of Computer Science and the person largely responsible for modern programming languages also known as computer code; and

WHEREAS, the goal is for Virginia students, especially females and students of color, to learn about the computer science field during Virginia’s celebration of Computer Science Education Week, exploring career pathways that include cybersecurity and information security; and

WHEREAS, Virginia will continue to be a leader in computer science and cybersecurity through business growth, entrepreneurship, and innovation; and

WHEREAS, Virginia has the highest concentration of technology workers in the country, and is fourth in the nation for total number of computer science-field jobs, with more than 1 in 10 working in technology fields; and

WHEREAS, Virginia’s Information Technology industry has a direct economic output of $42.3 billion and supports $37.1 billion in additional economic output in Virginia;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Ralph Northam, do hereby recognize December 3-9, 2019, as NATIONAL COMPUTER SCIENCE WEEK in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens.