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Virginia is for Learners Day


WHEREAS, the Commonwealth of Virginia launched the Virginia is for Learners initiative on April 29, 2019, in order to engage students, parents, educators, and employers with the Commonwealth’s efforts to better prepare Virginia students to adapt to the changing world and succeed in the 21st-century workforce; and

WHEREAS, the Virginia is for Learners initiative includes the Virginia Department of Education, the Virginia Board of Education, and partner organizations including Jobs for the Future, the Virginia Association of School Superintendents, the Virginia Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, the Virginia School Consortium for Learning, and several schools of education, including those at George Mason University, the University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University and the College of William & Mary; and

WHEREAS, businesses and communities across Virginia will benefit from an increased volume of graduates qualified with the knowledge, skills, and experience to succeed in their careers; and

WHEREAS, the Virginia is for Learners initiative will advance a deeper learning approach that moves beyond memorizing facts and dates to making sure students have the critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, collaboration and citizenship skills they need to succeed; and

WHEREAS, Virginia is for Learners will feature new high school graduation requirements and career pathways that align a student’s interests and educational experience with the elements of a successful career and adult life; and

WHEREAS, key changes to the Virginia Standards of Learning will help the Commonwealth better evaluate what students know and how prepared they are to apply that knowledge in the real world; and

WHEREAS, a stronger commitment to early childhood education will put Virginia students on the path to lifetime success beginning in kindergarten; and

WHEREAS, Virginia is for Learners includes new Standards of Accreditation for Virginia schools that will evaluate schools based on how well they cultivate real-world skills, eliminate achievement gaps, and incentivize continuous school quality improvement; and

WHEREAS, Virginia is for Learners recognizes quality education as the most effective tool to reduce poverty, address racism, and sustain economic advancement for all Virginians; and

WHEREAS, Virginia is for Learners is the Commonwealth’s commitment to students, parents, communities, and job creators that every student should graduate from a public school with the knowledge, skills and experiences essential to life readiness after high school;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Ralph S. Northam, do hereby recognize September 25, 2019, as VIRGINIA IS FOR LEARNERS DAY in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens.