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Virginia Rural Health Day


WHEREAS, the resolve of Virginia’s rural communities is demonstrated by the unwavering commitment by rural citizens, community organizations, and healthcare institutions to continue to prioritize access to rural healthcare despite challenges and barriers to care; and

WHEREAS, the resiliency of rural Virginians is demonstrated by a strong spirit and determination to thrive in the face of difficult and unexpected challenges, especially those of the past year; and

WHEREAS, a strong sense of community connectedness is formed by the relationships the residents of Virginia have with one another, and their engagement and bond with the broader rural community creates a sense of belonging that positively impacts one’s overall health; and

WHEREAS, rural Virginians’ readiness, enhanced by innovation and resourcefulness, contributes to the rich culture, diverse economy, thriving workforce, and vibrant communities that reflect the Commonwealth; and

WHEREAS, Virginia’s State Rural Health Plan recognizes the diversity of the Commonwealth’s rural communities, highlighting its assets while providing strategies for improving rural healthcare; and

WHEREAS, Virginia’s State Office of Rural Health, located in the Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Health Equity, serves rural Virginians by offering technical assistance, grant funding, information, and opportunities for collaboration between communities in rural areas;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Governor Ralph S. Northam, do hereby proclaim November 18, 2021 to be VIRGINIA RURAL HEALTH DAY in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call observance to the attention of all our citizens.