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Thank you for your interest in the Rebuild VA Grant Program.

All available funds have been exhausted at this time. We are hopeful that Congress will soon pass a stimulus package that provides additional relief to small businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Applicant Eligibility

Applicants Must Meet All of the Requirements to be Eligible for a Rebuild VA Grant:

  • A corporation (C-Corp), pass through entity (S-Corp, Partnership, LLC), or other legal entity that is organized separately from the owner; 501(c)(3), 501(c)(7) or 501(c)(19) organizations; Virginia tribes; sole proprietors or independent contractors; and
  • Principal Place of Business must be in Virginia
  • Has 250 or fewer full-time employees
  • Gross revenue of $10 million or less
  • Operating prior to 3/12/2020
  • Current good standing with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (if applicable)
  • Engages in legal activity

If an applicant has any of the following, they will be deemed ineligible for a Rebuild VA grant:

  • Delinquent in Virginia state income taxes and does not have a payment plan in place
  • Is a lobbyist
  • Owner or principal having 20 percent or greater ownership interest is not more than sixty (60) days delinquent on child support obligations
  • Is a wholly owned subsidiary or a division of a parent company

Required Documentation

All documents should be uploaded separately and clearly named. Suggested naming conventions are indicated below in parenthesis.

  • 2019 Federal Income Tax Return. If 2019 Federal Income Tax Return has not been filed, submit a year-end financial statement for the 2019 tax year (File Name: 2019 Tax Return – [business name])
  • 2020 Year to Date Interim Financial Statement. File Name: 2020 Year to Date Interim Financial Statement – [Business Name])
  • Virginia Substitute W-9 Form. W-9 must include a DUNS Number, must be filled out completely, must match the information on the application and must be signed (File Name: Virginia W-9 – [Business Name]); note this is the Virginia W-9, not the Federal W-9 form. Example of W9 form can be found here
  • Current Owner Photo ID. VA Driver’s License, VA Real ID, Permanent Resident Card, Passport (File Name: Owner ID – [Business Name])
  • For 501(c)(3), 501(c)(7) and 501(c)(19) organizations only, IRS Letter of Determination (File Name: IRS Letter of Determination – [Business Name])
  • Certificate of Fictitious Name, if applicable (File Name: Certificate of Fictitious Name – [Business Name])
  • For Recurring Expenses. Please submit all necessary documents for each type of expense that you are seeking reimbursement:
    • Payroll and Benefits [File Name: Payroll and Benefits Documentation – [Business Name] Any of the following:
      • VEC-FC-21/20 quarterly report
      • Payroll processor records; payroll tax filings
      • Form 1099-MISC
      • Form 1040-ES with worksheet
      • Other documentation to demonstrate the qualifying salary or payroll
      • Sole proprietors: 2019 Tax Return showing gross income
      • Form 1099 (individual contractor applicants only)
    • Mortgage statements. Provide June 2020, July 2020, and August 2020 business mortgage statements from bank (File Name: Mortgage Statements – [Business Name])
    • Rent or lease agreements. Provide your current rent or lease agreement for your business space (File Name: Rent or Lease Agreement – [Business Name])
    • Utility bills. For each type of utility that you’re requesting for reimbursement, attach three (3) utility statements from the biller for any three (3) months between September 2019 and August 2020 (File Name: [Type of Utility] Statements – [Business Name]). Eligibility types of utilities are:
      • Electricity (File Name: Electricity Statements – [Business Name])
      • Gas (File Name: Gas Statements – [Business Name])
      • Water/Sewer (File Name: Water/Sewer Statements – [Business Name])
      • Internet (File Name: Internet Statements – [Business Name])
      • Telephone (File Name: Telephone Statements – [Business Name])
    • Principal and Interest Payments for Business Loans. Three (3) monthly statements dated between September 2019 and August 2020 (File Name: Business Loan Documentation – [Business Name])
  • COVID Related Expenses. Only applicants who did not receive CARES Act funding are eligible to receive Rebuild VA grant funds for COVID Related Expenses. All COVID Related Expenses must be incurred on or after March 24, 2020. Acceptable forms of documentation for COVID Related Expenses are:
    • Paid invoices
    • Contracts
    • Cancelled checks
    • (File Name: COVID Related Expenses Documentation – [Business Name])


Expenses Eligible for Reimbursement

Approved Rebuild VA applicants may receive grants of three (3) times their average monthly recurring eligible operating expenses, plus COVID Related expenses (if applicable), up to a maximum of $100,000. 

  • Eligible RECURRING Operating Expenses:
    • Payroll and benefits
    • Mortgage payments
    • Rent or Lease payments
    • Utilities
    • Principal and interest payments for business loans incurred before or during the emergency
  • Eligible COVID Related Operating Expenses (made on or after March 24, 2020):

    NOTE: Applicants who have received CARES Act funding are not eligible to receive reimbursement for COVID Related Expenses under the Rebuild VA grant
    • Expenses required to comply with OSHA and VDH safety standards relating to COVID-19 prevention
    • Expenses necessary to reconfigure business facilities to comply with physical distancing standards to prevent virus transmission, including the installation of drive-through windows
    • Expenses incurred for the utilization or phase-in of touch-free technology or equipment
    • Purchase of equipment, infrastructure, technology, or other services to prepare for and respond to coronavirus
    • Purchase of equipment, infrastructure, technology, or other capital assets necessary to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 and provide a healthy and safe work environment

Filing Instructions

Although a paper application and forms are acceptable, applicants are strongly encouraged to file electronically.  It is easier, faster, more accurate, and improves the opportunity for submitting a successful application. 

  • Prepare yourself by reading the information on this page and consulting the Application Guide carefully before starting your application
  • Be sure to download the Virginia Substitute Form W-9; complete and upload it with your other documents; you will also need your DUNS Number
  • Electronically format all of your supporting documents and be ready to upload them before starting your application
  • Applications missing documents may take longer than 21 business days to review and decision
  • To begin:
    • Applicants must first create an account and login to the Rebuild VA Grant Fund Portal to start an application
    • Applicants will move through different sections of the application
      • Initial Eligibility
      • Business Information
      • Contact Information
      • Document Upload
      • Authorization, Certification & Submission
    • The application provides the opportunity to upload documents directly within the portal
    • Applicants should be prepared to enter detailed information about their business, all owners of the business, and upload supporting documentation
    • Applicants will automatically receive an email confirming successful submission with an application number for future reference
    • Applicants will be notified by email when their application is approved or denied

  • Review, Approval & Disbursement
    • Applications will be reviewed as they are received to determine completeness and eligibility
    • Applicants will be notified by email of any requests for further information or documentation
    • Reasonable attempts will be made to contact applicants with any questions or documentation requests
    • Allow 21 business days for review and approval
    • Grants will be disbursed by check from the Virginia Treasurer’s Office
    • Allow 21 business days for checks to be mailed after approval
    • Applicants can check application status by logging into their application account
    • If you apply by paper, please send your application package to:

      Virginia Small Business Financing Authority
      PO Box 446
      Richmond, Virginia 23218
    • All questions should be submitted to



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