Governor Ralph S. Northam

2019 Governor’s Fellows Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How many applicants will be selected for this summer's program?

Each year we receive hundreds of applications from potential fellows. The number of accepted fellows varies on the number of qualified candidates and the needs of the administration.  

I read that schools have provided stipends to participating students in the past. Whom should I contact at my school in regards to this?

The answer to this question varies depending upon your school. Information regarding the Fellows Program was sent to the presidents of all Virginia colleges and universities. Their offices would be the best place to begin with any inquiries regarding stipends.

I'm interested in applying but am not from the Richmond area. Are there any housing options available for those selected to participate in the program?

No. In past years, Fellows have made their own housing arrangements, such as staying with a friend or relatives or subletting an apartment. Many Virginia Commonwealth University students sublet apartments on Craigslist or Facebook. This is the best option for applicants interested in the fellowship program.

Most of the bills from this Session haven't been acted on by Governor Northam or didn't pass both houses of the General Assembly. Do I need to take this into account when writing my essay?

No. When preparing your essay, write from the perspective that no action has been taken on the bill. Assume that you are providing information to the Governor should the bill come to his desk.

I understand that rising college seniors and graduating college seniors are eligible to participate. I'm beginning/completing my graduate program; am I eligible?

Yes, you are welcome to submit an application.

Do my letters of recommendation need to be in envelopes that are signed across the seal?

No, however letters of recommendations must be in sealed envelopes and need to be postmarked by the application deadline.

Where do I direct my letters of recommendation and transcript?

To complete your application, please send recommendation letters and transcripts to:

Governor's Fellows Program Directors
Patrick Henry Building
1111 East Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

When submitting my references as a PDF, what information is needed?

Applicants must include three references who may be contacted during the selection process.

References should include:
  • Name
  • Organization
  • Title
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email

What are the differences between references and letters of recommendation?

References are the contact information for people who you have studied or worked with. We may contact your references during the selection process. Letters of recommendation are proactively written to endorse your qualifications, and sent to us directly from the person writing on your behalf.

More questions? Please e-mail us at