New Americans in the ONE Virginia Landscape

New Americans

A new American may be described as an immigrant living in the United States who was born outside of the United States to parents who were not United States citizens at the time.  This may include naturalized citizens, green card holders, temporary visa holders, refugees, asylees, and undocumented immigrants, among others (adapted from New American Economy at  New Americans are an integral part of Virginia’s diverse and thriving communities and have made extensive contributions that benefit our Commonwealth.

Advancing Equitable Immigrant Integration 

In 2020, the Virginia General Assembly established the Office of New Americans (ONA) within the Department of Social Services (DSS) to assist immigrant integration within the Commonwealth of Virginia on an economic, social, and cultural level.  The 2020 General Assembly also established the Office of New Americans Advisory Board (ONAAB) to advise the Governor, cabinet members, and the general Assembly on strategies to improve state policies and programs to support the economic, linguistic, and civic integration of New Americans throughout the Commonwealth. The Governor's Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) serves as a liaison between the Governor, the ONA, and the ONAAB to advance immigrant integration policies and practices across state government that improve equitable opportunities and foster a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming Commonwealth for New Americans who choose to make their home in Virginia.


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Organizational Structure

Organizational Chart