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For Immediate Release: December 20, 2022
Contacts: Office of the Governor: Macaulay Porter,

What They Are Saying: Governor Glenn Youngkin Proposes Budget Amendments to Accelerate Results for Virginians

RICHMOND, VA – Last week, Governor Glenn Youngkin addressed the Joint Meeting of the Senate Finance and Appropriations, House Appropriations, and House Finance Committee to announce his amendments to the Biennial Budget. Leaders across the Commonwealth have come out in support of the Governor’s Plan to Accelerate Results for Virginians. 


“The Governor’s proposed budget amendments invest an additional $1 billion in tax relief for Virginia families and businesses and make historic investments in job and employment growth, behavioral health, education, talent and workforce development, public safety, and preservation and conservation. I look forward to working with the Governor and his administration to reach our shared goals of more jobs, more opportunity, better education, safer communities, smarter government, and tax relief for overburdened families," said Speaker of the House of Delegates Todd Gilbert. 

“The proposed budget outlined by the Governor today makes lasting investments in Virginians, while ensuring to support vital services and government. His budget was carefully crafted creating sustainable tax cuts that will provide much needed relief to Virginia families and businesses, while putting in place the proper safeguards to ensure our AAA bond rating is firmly secure. I look forward to working with the Governor and his team as we further negotiations into the upcoming 2023 legislative session,” said House Appropriations Chair Barry Knight. 

“Although recent economic data is concerning, the Commonwealth is in a strong financial position. With significant investment in reserve funds and our rainy-day fund projected to reach $4.2 Billion by the end of FY24, the Governor’s proposed budget includes features to ensure sustainability. Moreover, some of the amendments highlighted in his speech will make important investments in public safety, education, resiliency and conservation, behavioral health, and workforce development,” said Senate Republican Leader Tommy Norment.

“I am thrilled to see Governor Youngkin following through on his promise to deliver tax relief to Virginians. Doubling the standard deduction and reducing the top marginal tax rate will provide much-needed relief to Virginia’s families and grow our economy. I look forward to working with Governor Youngkin to make these tax cuts a reality,” said Senator Steve Newman. 

“The Governor’s proposed amendments to the biennial budget address critical areas of need across the Commonwealth. From economic and workforce development to tax cuts, public safety, and mental health, his plan will position Virginia to be among the best states in the nation. I’m excited to work with the Governor this session to deliver for Virginians,” said House Appropriations Vice Chair and House Transportation Chair Terry Austin. 

“During the Governor’s campaign he promised Virginians that he was going to cut costs. Today's announcement on the Governor’s tax package does just that, increasing the standard deduction for a second time and reducing the overall corporate income tax from 6% to 5% and providing businesses with a corporate tax cut and a Qualified Business Income deduction. The additional $1 billion in tax relief will benefit both families and businesses,” said Delegate Joe McNamara.  

“As Chair of the Finance Committee, I know that hardworking Virginians deserve to keep more of their money in their own pockets. I am pleased to see Governor Youngkin continuing his commitment to lowering taxes by calling for more tax cuts in his proposed budget amendments. These tax cuts will provide significant relief to individual Virginians, our many small businesses, and our veterans,” said House Finance Chair Roxann Robinson.  

“The Governor’s proposed amendments today continue his promise to support our law enforcement by investing $30 million to support state and local law enforcement efforts to recruit officers through bonuses, incentives, and targeted outreach. These investments will ensure that we are able to keep our communities safe and support those who protect us every day,” said Senate Republican Caucus Co-Chair Ryan McDougle.

“I am pleased to see the Governor following through on his Operation Bold Blue Line Initiative by proposing amendments to bolster law enforcement recruitment and retention, combat violent crime, and ensure Virginia’s families are safe. As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I look forward to working with the Governor to ensure our law enforcement are supported and our communities are safe,” said Senate Republican Caucus Co-Chair Mark Obenshain. 

“The Governor’s proposed budget outlined today is a win for the Commonwealth and the citizens of Southwest Virginia. His proposals look to invest $500 million to develop and acquire business ready sites around the Commonwealth, while making strategic investments in ag tech, small modular reactors (SMRs), hydrogen, battery storage, and carbon capture. These initiatives will bring new opportunities and innovative solutions for jobs and economic development for all Virginians,” said House Majority Leader Terry Kilgore. 

“The Governors proposed budget announced today delivers Virginians a balanced budget, while providing an additional $1 billion in tax relief for Virginia's families and businesses to accelerate its competitive advantage and get ahead of the inflation crisis. In addition, this budget proposes to make lasting investments in healthcare, public safety, education, and economic development. I look forward to working with the Governor this session to build on this budget,” said Deputy Majority Leader Israel O’Quinn.

“I am pleased to see such a significant new commitment to public safety in the Governor’s proposal today. Not only does he want to build on proven programs like Operation Ceasefire, but he also has built in plans to help reverse the trends that are hollowing out our law enforcement agencies. Working together, we’re going to make our communities safer,” said House Republican Whip Michael Webert. 

“Governor Youngkin’s continued commitment to developing Virginia’s workforce is evident in the comprehensive proposal he is advancing for the 2023 session. The funding commitment he is proposing will ensure Virginians have the opportunity to enter the workforce of today with the skills and training needed to succeed. By growing our workforce, Virginia will continue to attract and grow businesses, increasing opportunities for all. I look forward to working with Governor Youngkin on this vital issue in the upcoming session,” said House Commerce and Energy Chair Kathy Byron.

“Reform is needed in order for us to address Virginia’s mental health challenges, and it’s long overdue. Building a sustainable, innovative, and accessible behavioral health infrastructure is the first step towards our shared goal of meeting the needs of Virginians. When businesses look at moving to Virginia, they look for an educational environment that ensures them a highly trained workforce. An educated and prepared workforce is one of the greatest assets we can have in building economic opportunity for Virginia’s future,” said Senator Siobhan Dunnavant. 

“I wish to personally thank Governor Youngkin for fulfilling a promise he made to me at the signing of SB528. I truly appreciate his confidence in my ability to bring this critical piece of legislation to fruition. This ensures that we take care of those veterans who entered military service at an early age and need to begin a second career after they retire. It’s critically important that Virginia retains our best and brightest from our nation’s military. This gesture goes a long way to those veterans who leave active duty and want to make Virginia their permanent home,” said Senator Bryce Reeves. 

“Last session, the General Assembly made tremendous progress by cutting taxes on military retiree pay for those over 55. This coming session, it is important that we expand this tax exemption to ensure that Virginia remains the most veteran-friendly state in the nation. I thank the Governor for including this in the budget and look forward to working with him to make all military retiree pay exempt from state taxes," said Delegate Mike Cherry.  

“As a Navy SEAL and now member of the Virginia House of Delegates, I was honored to successfully carry HB1128 in 2022, a bill to reduce taxes on veteran retirement pay up to $40k. This success is nearly 30 years in the making, but there is more we must do for our veterans. I am now fighting to remove the age 55 requirement put on my bill in 2022, and I am happy Governor Youngkin put the money to do just that in the budget,” said Delegate John McGuire.

“This plan will improve crisis care by expanding capacity for those in immediate need while also helping Virginians before they reach the crisis point. I’m hopeful that we can make a real difference for those who are most in need,” said House Courts of Justice Chair Rob Bell.

“From day one the Governor has made education a focal point of his campaign and key effort of his administration to get our kids back on track. Today, the Governor is building on that promise by passing the largest K-12 budget in Virginia's history. His proposed investment of $427.7 million to public education will combat learning loss caused, fund additional reading specialists for 4th and 5th grade, math specialists for kindergarten through 8th grade, and increase funding for our innovative lab schools,” said House Education Chair Glenn Davis. 

“Over the last two years the healthcare system, and specifically our nurses, have experienced extreme hardship. This morning the Governor sent a clear message that we care about our nurses in the Commonwealth of Virginia. By investing over $40 million to create the 'Earn to Learn' Nursing Education Acceleration Program, which seeks to facilitate collaborative partnerships between education and health institutions to increase the number of nursing graduates, the Governor has made clear that healthcare is a priority in the Commonwealth. Additionally, the Governor's proposal calls for increasing the Nurse Preceptor Incentive Program maximum award from $1,000 to $5,000 which will enhance our nursing workforce,” said Health, Welfare, and Institutions Chair Bobby Orrock. 

“The last two years have been extremely tough on our students and teachers. Today, the Governor announced that he will propose approximately $100 million for teacher retention bonuses and a performance pay bonus for teachers who exhibit superior performance and demonstrate the growth and achievement of their students. Teachers play such a vital role in our children’s lives, and the Governor’s investment will ensure that we are giving incentives to keep as many teachers in the profession as possible and reward those that go above and beyond. I am especially excited to see the Governor combating the learning loss of the past two years by funding math specialists for our children in kindergarten through 12th grade,” said Delegate Tara Durant.

“Last year the Governor signed my bill the Virginia Literacy Act into law which made efforts to fight back against learning loss and give our youngest children the tools they need to be successful. The Governor knows our older elementary and middle school children fell the furthest behind during COVID, and his determination and commitment to not lose a generation of students is evident by his funding to extend reading specialists to the 4th and 5th grade. We have hard work to do over many years together to close learning gaps, and I’m thankful for a Governor who is committed to supporting every learner in Virginia,” said Delegate Carrie Coyner. 

“Since day one, Governor Youngkin has prioritized the safety of our communities. As Chair of the Public Safety Committee, I am happy to see his proposed budget amendments include additional spending for our law enforcement heroes, as well as funding for new positions to address drugs, human trafficking, and organized crime. Virginians can rest assured that I will work with Governor Youngkin to keep our communities safe and support law enforcement,” said House Public Safety Chairman Tony Wilt. 

“The Governor’s proposal will jump start our efforts towards our vital goal of a clean Chesapeake Bay, and I am looking forward to working with my colleagues to secure this critical investment,” said House Agriculture Chesapeake and Natural Resources, Chesapeake Subcommittee Chair Rob Bloxom. 

“Today is an historic day as the Governor is proposing the Commonwealth's most significant investment in the environment, $685 million, to complete long-delayed environmental projects and Chesapeake Bay initiatives, leveraging significant one-time resources,” said Senator Richard Stuart. 

“I am thrilled to see that the Governor has prioritized resiliency and the environment in his proposed budget amendments. By calling for historic levels of investment in water quality, flood remediation, and other conservation projects, the Governor has demonstrated his continued commitment to the Commonwealth’s abundant natural resources and the well-being of all Virginians,” said House Counties, Cities, and Towns Committee Chair Keith Hodges. 

“The Governor's proposed budget bolsters Virginia’s healthcare system along with making significant investments in behavioral health. I’m very encouraged to see that the budget amendments include $14 million for opioid abatement, including funding a comprehensive campaign to reduce poisoning and combat the opioid epidemic across Virginia,” said Virginia's Opioid Abatement Authority Chair Senator Todd Pillion. 


“The Virginia Chamber of Commerce supports targeted tax reform to help the Commonwealth be more competitive by allowing existing businesses to expand and assist Virginia with growing competition from neighboring states. I appreciate the Governor’s proposed budget amendments, and we support the legislative process with a goal to improve the business climate of Virginia,” said Barry DuVal, Virginia Chamber of Commerce President & CEO. 

“Governor Youngkin’s workforce credential, energy, and environmental priorities will help improve Virginia’s economic competitiveness. The $200 million for the Resilient Virginia Revolving Loan Fund is a particularly smart investment to replace the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) tax on electricity,” said Brett Vassey, President and CEO, Virginia Manufacturers Association.

“Our small business owners are supportive about the recent announcement from the Governor to cut taxes, further increase the standard deduction, and the funding of workforce development overhaul. As we know, many of our small business owners are struggling with inflation and finding qualified workers,” said Julia Hammond, Virginia State Director, NFIB. 

“We are very appreciative to see Governor Youngkin’s commitment to agriculture and forestry highlighted in his budget, in particular through an additional $50 million provided for the Virginia Agricultural Cost-Share Program (VACS) and increased funding for the Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development Fund (AFID). Both of these programs are vital to Virginia’s top two private industries. Virginia farmers are committed to meeting the Chesapeake Bay water quality goals, which requires consistent full-funding to help implement agriculture best management practices. Over the past decade, the AFID program has proven that strategic investment in local agriculture and forestry projects yields positive returns for farmers, local communities, and Virginia’s overall economy,” said Wayne F. Pryor, President, Virginia Farm Bureau Federation. 

"The Virginia Agribusiness Council is pleased to see the top priorities of Virginia's largest private sector industry reflected throughout Governor Youngkin's proposed budget. From an historic additional $50 million in funding to help our farmers implement water quality best management practices to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay, to a doubling of the successful Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development (AFID) Fund, especially to support the fast-growing, high-tech controlled environment agriculture (CEA) industry, the Governor has recognized and prioritized several of our industry's critical needs,” said Cliff Williamson, Virginia Agribusiness Council Executive Director.

"The single most common concern we hear today from our over 450 member companies in maritime industries and port related supply chains is about their ability to find enough people who possess the skills, training, and education they need to keep their businesses growing. Now is the time for new and results-oriented approaches to preparing and matching people to well-paying and rewarding jobs that need to be filled in our industry and in other sectors of our economy. The Virginia Maritime Association looks forward to working with Governor Youngkin to ensure the Commonwealth’s workforce programs are aligned with the needs of our member businesses, so we can keep Virginia’s economy moving forward and outperform our competition,” said David White, Executive Director, Virginia Maritime Association. 

“Enhancing Virginia’s workforce development system is critical to our national security imperative at Newport News Shipbuilding. We are encouraged by Governor Youngkin’s proposed vision and investments in workforce development. As we continue to collaborate with our academic, industry, and government partners to meet current and future workforce needs, and connect more people with good high-paying jobs, this is a step in the right direction,” said Xavier Beale, Vice President, Human Resources & Trade, Newport News Shipbuilding, a division of HII.

“Governor Youngkin’s proposed budget amendments build upon the bipartisan support in the previous session to have each of GO Virginia’s regions take a hard look at their workforce challenges and to develop a strategy to enhance the pipeline of talent in key industry clusters. The additional money proposed by Governor Youngkin will take this talent pathways effort to the next level by allowing our regions to make the investments needed to retain and grow the workforce of the future,” said Nancy Howell Agee, Chair of the Virginia Growth and Opportunity Board.

“Thanks to an initial investment by GO Virginia, work to grow the maritime cluster in Hampton Roads and spread its impact to other regions in Virginia is already underway. Governor Youngkin’s innovative leadership regarding talent pathways will provide a much needed focus around priority industry clusters allows us to implement the results of the talent development work already underway in the GO Virginia regions,” said Dubby Wynne, a founding member of the Virginia Growth and Opportunity Board and past Board chair. 

“We are already seeing around Virginia the results of investments made by GO Virginia to better prepare our future workforce and how these efforts, like GO-TEC, are attracting new jobs and investment in the state. These additional funds proposed by Governor Youngkin will allow us to build on the momentum achieved by these existing and new programs to build the talent pipeline in the Commonwealth,” said Ben Davenport, a founding member of the Virginia Growth and Opportunity Board.

“Governor Youngkin’s budget amendments for talent pathways will allow GO Virginia to explore additional partnerships to develop talent in the industries which will shape Virginia’s future economy. These partnerships will bring together businesses with our training providers to align their interests and leverage additional private and federal funds to reverse recent trends of talented people leaving our state,” said Heywood Fralin, a founding member of the Virginia Growth and Opportunity Board.

“Investing in talent is key to getting Virginia’s economy back to where we were pre-COVID and to strengthening Virginia’s economic competitiveness. Governor Youngkin’s proposals on talent pathways, internships, and industry-recognized credentials will help create the pipeline of workers that employers look for before they make decisions to grow in the state,” said Todd Stottlemyer, a founding member and Vice Chair of the Virginia Growth and Opportunity Board.

“The Virginia Economic Developers Association (VEDA) said that Virginia needs to invest more and enhance our talent development programs to grow Virginia's economy. We applaud Governor Youngkin's transformational commitment to provide $350 million in additional funds for shovel ready sites of all sizes across the Commonwealth. Efforts to streamline our workforce training programs and jumpstart critical talent pathways will also enhance our ability to create new and better jobs for all Virginians,” said David Manley, President & Executive Committee Chair, The Virginia Economic Developers Association.

“We appreciate the Governor including the Virginia Innovative Nuclear Hub in his budget and in his Energy Plan. Virginia has always led the way in energy innovation and will continue to lead. The Virginia Innovative Nuclear Hub will unite academic research and the public and private sectors to leverage the Commonwealth's tremendous nuclear capability in pursuit of next generation advanced nuclear technologies,” said April Wade, Executive Director of the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium. 

“Governor Youngkin's proposed $10 million investment in clean and renewable energy deployment via the Virginia Power Innovation Fund is critical to Southwest Virginia's long term economic diversification strategy. The Fund will not only help establish a Virginia Nuclear Innovation Hub for the Commonwealth, it will also jump-start our efforts currently underway to leverage the region's assets -- land, water, power and talent -- and redefine Southwest Virginia as a national proving ground for energy innovation,” said Will Payne, managing partner of Coalfield Strategies, the firm that leads InvestSWVA and the Energy DELTA Lab. 


“Growing Virginia’s choice-based early care and education system is key to fully realizing the potential of Virginia’s children, families, workforce, and economy. Through strategic investments in the Mixed Delivery Program, Governor Youngkin’s budget provides the opportunity for more families to be part of Virginia’s workforce and economy while delivering strong school readiness outcomes for young children,” said Kathy Glazer, President of the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation. 

“Many people have long recognized the importance of streamlining our workforce development programs and then advancing talent pathways efforts so that students across Virginia have multiple opportunities to success in the new Virginia economy. The additional funds in Governor Youngkin’s proposed budget for talent pathways, internships, dual enrollment, and career services will facilitate deeper partnerships among business, K-12, community colleges, and universities and make them all more effective in moving young people efficiently from learning to earning in Virginia,” said Jim Dyke, a founding member of the Virginia Growth and Opportunity Board and former Secretary of Education.

“We applaud the forward-looking investments in talent development and retention contained in Governor Youngkin’s budget proposals today. As the Governor emphasized, Virginia must make strategic investments to win the increasingly intense competition among states for talent. Each young Virginian should have an opportunity for a paid internship or apprenticeship with a Virginia employer on a pathway to full-time employment here in the Commonwealth. The investments proposed by Governor Youngkin today take another important step toward making these opportunities a reality,” said Dennis H. Treacy, Chairman of the Virginia Business Higher Education Council (VBHEC), and Kirk Cox, VBHEC President.

“Besides the clear benefits of tax cuts to the Virginia economy, tax relief is needed now more than ever as the worst inflation in 40 years continues to erode state residents’ standard of living. Tax cuts will at least help mitigate some of the brutal effects of inflation,” said Barbara Hollingsworth, Visiting Fellow, Thomas Jefferson Institute.


“The Virginia Sheriffs Association will be supporting Governor Youngkin’s law enforcement budget proposal. Funding is being provided to address compression raises for deputy sheriffs, critical training and equipment needs for law enforcement, prosecution needs; and the mental health crisis is finally receiving the attention it needs to provide immediate services to those in need. The Virginia Sheriffs Association will be taking all actions necessary to implement the Governor’s Bold Blue Line when the General Assembly convenes in January,” said John Jones, Executive Director of the Virginia Sheriffs Association.

“Governor Youngkin’s support for public safety is made clear in his introduced budget. We are thankful for a Governor that has the back of the men and women in law enforcement. The provided increased funding for compensation, targeting areas of crime, such as violent crimes that are on the rise is the right step to keep all Virginians safe. The Governor’s support for our men and women who put their lives on the line every day to keep Virginia safe is a promise made and a promise he continues to keep,” said Bill Carico, Executive Director, Virginia State Police Association. 

“Governor Glenn Youngkin and his administration has delivered on his promises to support public safety in the Commonwealth,” said Sheriff Richard Vaughan, President, Virginia Law Enforcement Sheriffs. 


"On behalf of the more than 118,000 nurses in the Commonwealth of Virginia, we applaud Governor Youngkin for his serious commitment to supporting the nursing profession. These proposed investments to increase the capacity of our nursing schools and grow the workforce will ensure that our citizens are cared for while relieving Virginia's frontline nurses who have been stretched too thin. We look forward to working with the General Assembly this session to preserve these nursing workforce investments in the final budget,” said Janet Wall, CEO, Virginia Nurses Association.

"Governor Youngkin’s proposed investments in nursing education include roughly $50 million designated for clinical preceptors, nursing scholarships, and an innovative "Earn as you Learn” program. The Virginia Association of Colleges of Nursing supports these initiatives and applauds the Governor’s focus on a significant nursing shortage. We also look forward to partnering to address a substantial nursing faculty shortage within the Commonwealth,” said Melody Eaton, President, Virginia Association of Colleges of Nursing.

“On behalf of Virginia’s more than 14,000 nurse practitioners, we commend Governor Youngkin’s budget proposals which provide much needed investments in growing the nursing profession. As advanced practice providers, nurse practitioners are able to increase access to care for patients in all specialties including primary care, mental health, and substance abuse treatment. We are encouraged by the significant investments for nursing proposed by Governor Youngkin and will be asking the General Assembly to support these and other measures allowing advanced practice nurses to practice at the top of their license and to the fullest extent of their education, training, and certification. The Governor’s budget proposals on nursing will go a long way in addressing the healthcare needs of all Virginians,” said Olivia Newby, President of Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners.

“We applaud Governor Youngkin for focusing resources on these critical areas to ensure behavioral health patients have access to care. We must strengthen and expand our health care workforce and address staffing shortages through initiatives such as those proposed today. Equally important are innovative treatment approaches that provide Virginians in crisis with the treatment they need when they need it. We look forward to working with the Governor, his Administration, the General Assembly, and other stakeholders to make these proposals a reality,” said Sean T. Connaughton, Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association President and CEO.

“Lack of adequate mental health resources has reached a crisis level. As Virginia's safety net, emergency departments are overwhelmed because patients have nowhere else to go. We appreciate Governor Youngkin prioritizing mental health and getting patients the resources they need before they get to the ER, while they are in the ER, or once they leave the ER. Together, we can ensure patients get the mental health care they need in the right place at the right time,” said Todd Parker, President of the Virginia College of Emergency Physicians.


"The proposal by Governor Youngkin will help retain the critical demographic of retiring military senior enlisted leadership, mid-grade officers, and other retirees who possess the critical skills needed to support Virginia’s manufacturing, technical, and defense industries. Retaining more of these incredibly talented personnel in Virginia as they make their decision on where to live post-retirement, will provide an extremely positive boost to the Commonwealth’s workforce at a critical time in this economic cycle. This proposal aligns Virginia’s military retirement pay tax policy more closely with the other states competing for this talent pool, thereby giving the state a distinct advantage as these families already live here in Virginia. I profoundly support Governor Youngkin for his vision on how to retain additional military retirees to live, work, and raise their families here in Virginia,” said Brad Williamson, CEO, MVSEA, LLC in Yorktown, VA; Board of Trustees, Virginia Veterans Services Foundation.


"We applaud Governor Youngkin for leaning in on clean energy innovation by investing in energy storage, nuclear, hydrogen, carbon capture and more. The Power Innovation Fund will recruit new economic investment, create jobs, and drive new technologies to lower energy costs for all Virginians,” said Mark Fleming, CEO, Conservatives for Clean Energy.

“I applaud Governor Youngkin’s proposed amendments to the biennial 2023 – 2024 budget as they pertain to conservation, natural resources and clean water. The proposed amendments would significantly increase Virginia’s budget for the Department of Conservation and Recreation and the Department of Environmental Quality. Virginia’s natural resources and the Chesapeake Bay are absolutely critical to the health of Virginia’s people, its wildlife, and the economy. These proposed budget amendments reflect Governor Youngkin’s commitment to conservation and the natural resources of Virginia,” said Joel Dunn, Chesapeake Conservancy President and CEO.

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