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For Immediate Release: March 20, 2024
Contacts: Office of the Governor: Christian Martinez,

Governor Youngkin Acts On 60 Additional Bills, Vetoing 22 That Would Weaken Criminal Penalties and Undermine Public Safety

RICHMOND, VA – Governor Glenn Youngkin today took final action on 60 pieces of legislation, signing 36 bills into law, offering amendments to 2, and vetoing 22. 

“Today I’m pleased to sign bipartisan bills into law, including legislation that will aid economic development in Southwest Virginia Coal Country, put reasonable restrictions on the use of canines in corrections facilities, make it easier for Virginians to prosecute violations of their protective orders, and improve the delivery of services to Virginians with development disabilities by allowing them more time to work with support coordinators to find the right provider,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin.

“I also took action against legislation which would have undermined public safety. We have a duty to protect the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia from harm. I vetoed 22 bills: which protect illegal immigrants, or impede law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges from holding criminals accountable and bringing them to justice,” Governor Youngkin continued. 

The full list of signed bills is available here. 

HB 24; HB 42; HB 71; HB 114; HB 159; HB 199; HB 225; HB 472; HB 577; HB 656; HB 688; HB 840; HB 844; HB 895; HB 1138; HB 1139; HB 1346; HB 1349; HB 1379; HB 1508; HB 1114.

SB 133; SB 169; SB 211; SB 325; SB 330; SB 353; SB 435; SB 470; SB 577; SB 610; SB 629; SB 691; SB 709; SB 725; SB 734. 

Governor Glenn Youngkin amended two bills to ensure the final version signed into law is in its best form. 

The Governor Amended 2 Bills Including: 


  • HB 452 & SB 362, Drug offenders; eligibility for first-time disposition. 


  • The Governor’s recommendation returns the legislation to the version which passed the House of Delegates unanimously. 


The Governor Vetoed 22 Bills Including: 


  • HB 972, Defendant; prohibiting inquiry into immigration status, notification of consequences.  


  • SB 69, Law-enforcement officers; minimum qualifications for positions of chief of police, etc. 


  • HB 455, Controlled substances; possession of an item containing residue of a substance, penalty. 


  • HB 776, Law - enforcement officers; minimum qualifications, citizenship, waiver. 


  • HB 45, Earned sentence credits; incarceration prior to entry of final order of conviction. 


  • HB 77, Robbery; conforms certain provisions of the Code of VA to the degrees of robbery offenses, etc. 


  • HB 161, Individuals experiencing or reporting overdoses while incarcerated; disciplinary procedures. 


  • HB 250, Law-enforcement officers; interrogation practices. 


  • HB 63, Criminal cases; request for a jury to ascertain punishment. 


  • HB 457, Decreasing probation period; establishes criteria for mandatory reduction. 


  • HB 267 & SB 357, Assault or assault and battery against a law-enforcement officer; prosecution of an individual. 


  • SB 449, Juveniles; juvenile correctional centers, eligibility for parole. 


  • HB 1515, Discovery; electronic means. 


  • HB 1420 & SB 23, Juveniles; adjudication of delinquency. 


  • SB 144, Nolle prosequi or dismissal without prejudice prior to preliminary hearing; subsequent indictment. 


  • HB 1252 & SB 505, Limitation on sentence upon revocation of suspension of sentence; technical violations.


  • HB 614, Community service work in lieu of payment of fines and costs; work performed while incarcerated. 


  • SB 80, Decreasing probation period; establishes criteria for mandatory reduction. 


  • SB 334, Plea agreements and court orders; prohibited provisions. 

The governor’s full veto statements are available here. 

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