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By virtue of the authority vested by the Constitution of Virginia in the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, there is hereby officially recognized:

249th Birthday of the United States Army

WHEREAS, on June 14, 1775, the Continental Army was formed to defend our nation and its citizens, becoming the roots for the present-day United States Army; and

WHEREAS, for 249 years, the United States Army has protected our country in times of peace and in times of conflict to preserve democracy and defend freedom at home and abroad; and

WHEREAS, Virginia is proud to be home to more than 37,000 active duty, reserve, and National Guard soldiers and their families; and

WHEREAS, these men and women who serve proudly as soldiers of the United States Army, and the families who support them, make great sacrifices to defend our freedoms; and

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth remains committed to honoring all service members by ensuring they are treated with the utmost respect and dignity; and

WHEREAS, today, we celebrate the continued strength, professionalism, and bravery of our soldiers in the all-volunteer force, and observe June 14th as the birthday of the United States Army;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Glenn Youngkin, do hereby recognize June 14, 2024, as the 249TH BIRTHDAY OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens.