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By virtue of the authority vested by the Constitution of Virginia in the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, there is hereby officially recognized:

Greek Independence Day

WHEREAS, on March 25, 1821, the people of Greece declared their independence from the Ottoman Empire, which had occupied Greece for nearly 400 years; and

WHEREAS, on that day, Bishop Germanos of Patras raised the Greek flag at the monastery of Agia Lavra, inciting the Peloponnese to rise against their oppressors; and

WHEREAS, at the start of the 20th century, Greek immigrants established Orthodox Christian churches, cultural centers, and communities throughout America; and

WHEREAS, the contributions of Greek Americans in the Commonwealth of Virginia have been numerous in scope, establishing organizations such as The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association; and

WHEREAS, this year celebrates the 202nd anniversary of Greece’s liberation from the Ottoman Empire that began the Greek War of Independence;

 NOW, THEREFORE, I, Glenn Youngkin, do hereby recognize March 25, 2023, as GREEK INDEPENDENCE DAY in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of our citizens.