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By virtue of the authority vested by the Constitution of Virginia in the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, there is hereby officially recognized:

Hydrocephalus Awareness Month

WHEREAS, hydrocephalus occurs when there is an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain which creates harmful pressure on the tissues of the brain and can be fatal if untreated; and

WHEREAS, there are two primary types of hydrocephalus including congenital hydrocephalus and acquired hydrocephalus, and there is no known cure for either; and

WHEREAS, two other forms of hydrocephalus that primarily affect adults are ex-vacuo, which occurs when stroke or traumatic injury cause damage to the brain, and normal pressure hydrocephalus, which is most common among adults age 60 and older and whose cause is unknown; and

WHEREAS, experts estimate that hydrocephalus affects over one million Americans and occurs in one in every 770 infants and in an estimated 800,000 older Americans; and

WHEREAS, the only treatment for hydrocephalus is brain surgery; and

WHEREAS, hydrocephalus poses risks to both cognitive and physical development and often requires repeated brain surgeries over a lifetime; and

WHEREAS, with early intervention, rehabilitation therapies, and education, many live with few limitations; and

WHEREAS, since 2009, the United States Congress has passed a resolution each year designating the month of September as National Hydrocephalus Awareness Month; and

WHEREAS, state and national hydrocephalus organizations are dedicated to increasing public awareness of hydrocephalus to improve health outcomes for all Virginians;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Glenn Youngkin, do hereby recognize September 2023, as HYDROCEPHALUS AWARENESS MONTH in the COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA and call this observance to the attention of our citizens.