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By virtue of the authority vested by the Constitution of Virginia in the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, there is hereby officially recognized:

Small Business Workplace Solutions Week

WHEREAS, small businesses create 1.5 million jobs annually; and,

WHEREAS, small businesses account for 64% of new jobs created in the United States; and,

WHEREAS, small businesses in the workplace solutions industry are critical to helping small businesses and their employees through transitions related to the COVID-19 pandemic; and,

WHEREAS, the workplace solutions industry is essential in providing personal protective equipment to first responders, law enforcement, schools, businesses, and local government during the pandemic; and,

WHEREAS, the workplace solutions industry helps keep the workforce safe and operational by providing cleaning solutions and equipment for in person and virtual workplaces;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Glenn Youngkin, do hereby recognize March 28-April 1, 2022 as SMALL BUSINESS WORKPLACE SOLUTIONS WEEK in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of our citizens.