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By virtue of the authority vested by the Constitution of Virginia in the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, there is hereby officially recognized:

Women's History Month

WHEREAS, the courage and immense sacrifice of women has shaped Virginia’s history, and many historical accounts of pioneers, trailblazers, and groundbreaking women contribute to our strong foundation of American values, scientific achievement, and entrepreneurship; and

WHEREAS, the beautiful story of the importance of women to Virginia’s history, Voices from the Garden: Virginia Women’s Monument, stands tall on Capitol Square in Richmond and is the only one of its kind in the nation; and

WHEREAS, Virginia’s inspirational monument features 12 life-sized women depicted in bronze and a wall of honor that recognizes women from all corners of the Commonwealth who have made a difference in the lives and welfare of Virginians, both widely celebrated women, as well as our unsung heroes; and

WHEREAS, Pamunkey Chief Cockacoeske, an astute leader and skillful politician, became leader of the Pamunkey after the death of her husband in 1656 until her death in 1686, and her likeness is beautifully depicted in Voices from the Garden; and

WHEREAS, Martha Washington, the nation’s inaugural first lady and one of the statues included in the monument, was born in the Commonwealth, and she is often remembered for her leadership in support of the Revolutionary War by calling women to provide resources; and

WHEREAS, Virginia Estelle Randolph was born in Richmond in 1870 to formerly enslaved parents, and today, she is remembered in Voices from the Garden as a pioneering educator, community health advocate, organizational leader, and humanitarian; and 

WHEREAS, women strengthen and enrich society by impacting every field from business to medicine to government to the arts, fueling innovation while nurturing the family and promoting the growth and success of tomorrow’s leaders; and

WHEREAS, women fulfill a vital, God-ordained role in shaping future generations as they care for the young, shape character, instill history, and promote education and exploratory opportunities; and

WHEREAS, today, as education opens doors to opportunity, women constitute the majority of the student population at Virginia colleges and universities; and

WHEREAS, Virginians are encouraged to appreciate and honor the past, present, and future contributions of women in the Commonwealth and to empower future generations of women leaders and innovators across all fields both inside and outside the home as they strengthen the Spirit of Virginia;

 NOW, THEREFORE, I, Glenn Youngkin, salute the First Lady of the Commonwealth, Suzanne Youngkin, and all women who have held this position, and do hereby recognize March 2024, as WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH in the COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA as part of our observance that honors the history and achievements of women in Virginia and across America.